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Sustainable Service

The fast moving nature of the exhibition industry can mean that even a small event often leaves a very large environmental footprint. At Expo Direct™ we take the concept of sustainability very seriously and have developed a range of options that allow us to deliver fantastically presented exhibitions that are also environmentally responsible.


For no extra cost, forget traditional plastics and foams that choke our landfills for hundreds of years.
Our eco-friendly material options offer the same performance and contain up to 97% recycled materials; they are also bio-degradable. Its enough to make any greenie grin with delight.

Expo Direct™ offer eco-friendly material options for signage, shell scheme walls and fascia, banners and even entire custom designed stands.

Carbon Offset

If you have considered carbon offsets but thought it was too difficult or costly to arrange then we have a simple solution.
Together with our partners, Expo Direct™ have created a scheme that allows both event organisers and exhibitors to purchase affordable, internationally recognised carbon credits. We even provide you with a certificate and logo to use on your marketing materials.

All eco-friendly materials are independently certified.

Expo Direct™ use 100% renewable energy.

Please note that these certifications apply to materials used and are not directly held by Expo Direct